As no two events are ever the same, we can provide you with bespoke photography solutions whatever the theme or size of your event.

Whether you need the images for online, a report, newsletter or a billboard advertising, we are experts in this field and can deliver all your needs and requirements.

Your event is a big deal to you and those involved in planning it, we can imagine you must have spent months planning and organising it, so we understand your guests experience is paramount to you. Now it’s time to capture your guests/clients in their attire and creative flair. You can get them in the party spirit by offering photo entertainment opportunities like mobile photography studios, on-site printing, green screens and live upload to your social media sites from the event.

Silver Fox Pictures bring traditional photography to the digital age in a simple, professional and highly secured manner. Event photography is a specialist skill. We are a representation of highly experienced and personable event photographers, each with their event photography style and expertise.

Our team of highly skilled photographers will cover your entire event like no other, and provide you with photography solutions that suit all your needs.

Whatever the type of event you intend to host, be it a one-day event for some couple of hours, or that which will stretch over few days, be rest assured that we are capable of meeting up to your expectation, and even surpass them! Just tell us how many photographers you need and they will be at your beck and call.

Collectively, we can achieve your goals. We will intimately work with your event manager all through the logistic process. All your photography needs are in safe hands, and will be delivered as at when due. And what do you get from our creative input? High-resolution image files one time and every time with unrestricted reproduction right! Mind you; no annual licensing fees are involved–photos are all yours’ forever!

Regardless of the images you require, you will benefit from a wealth of experience garnered from our involvement in all kinds of event photography, including conferences, seminars, exhibitions, gala dinners, workshops, award ceremonies, charity fundraisers, etc. Our clients always benefit from the vast array of materials that we produce. As a team of event photographers, we offer a professional photography service that provides high-quality images.

After receiving the brief, we check through so all is clear as regards who, what, where and when about event photography and how you plan to use the final images (media releases, brochures, newsletters advertisements, banners, website). We would discuss the event schedule, delivery times and the level of post-production needed. With this level of professionalism and strict attention to details, wouldn’t you rather do business with us?

Silver Fox Pictures have cover all types of events all sizes across UK and abroad. We offer a range of flexible and affordable professional photography services to suit every occasion.

We offer a full event photography services to cover your event, including your arrival, formal photos to the party celebrations: 

 – Book between 1-8 professional event photographers
 – Numbers of hours and days to suit your requirements* 
 – Digital photos can be available for you within 24-hours of your event taking place
 – Professional mobile photography studio
 – Onsite printing
 – A commission paid back to charity and fundraising events
 – Photo marketing and branding options available
 – Live uploads to your blog or social media sites during the event (increasing web traffic)
 – Fixed price plans available
 – All images are shot in RAW and available in high resolution Jpeg
 – We can set up a private gallery for you and your guests to view/download the images from your event
 – No annual licencing fees to worry about – the photos are yours forever

You can choose from our different packages below which suits your budget: 

1. Photography Only
2. Mobile Photography Studio
3. Photography & Mobile Photography Studio

Whether you are looking for a single photographer or a team of photographers to cover your entire event, we have the solutions to provide all the photography logistics for you.

We can cover one day events for a few hours or events that run over a number of days. You tell us how many photographers you need for how many hours and/or days.

We will work with you to meet all your requirements. You will have one point of contact and we will be happy to go through all the logistics with your events manager. Whatever you need, we have the experience to ensure that your photography needs are delivered.

In return, we will provide you with the high-resolution image files with unrestricted reproduction rights. There are no annual licencing fees to worry about – the photos are yours forever!

We look forward to working with you.

Want to know more about our services to fit your event? Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote: Booking Inquiry

We have up to date:
– PAT Certificate
– Insurance
– DBS check
*Minimum 2 Hours

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