For occasions where there is a need for a hands-on approach, the Mobile Photography Studio featuring a live photographer, studio lighting, and backdrop will help you do the trick. And we can bring all that is needed to your location, to create a long-lasting impression for FREE if you will have over 250 guests at your event. Your guests will have the option to have their photos taken and purchase them at the event if they wish to by themselves. This will further add value to your event as well as being a highlight and attraction. Your guests can have their pictures taken by one of our friendly photographers who will interact and pose your guests so they can look their best. The photographer will take their photos and print within a few seconds, and will either be handed over to the guest to take home with them or placed on the table so guests can collect them later. We will provide free mobile photography studio for your next event if you have over 250 guests, your guests/clients have the option to buy their own prints if the wish.

Silver Fox Pictures can proved your next event a FREE Mobile Photography Studio with photographers, backdrops, lights and onsite printing if you have more than 250 guests/clients attending. Guests have the option to purchase their photos at the event to take home with them or you can buy vouchers for each client as a promotional gift and we can add your company/brand logo on all the images, other options are available on request.

Silver Fox Pictures is also big on helping fundraising and charities events, its our way to putting something back into the communities we serve. We will make a donation at your event from the funds we raise from our Mobile Photography Studio, please <a href=””>contact us</a> for further information.

Experience the ultimate convenience in mobile photography studio for any event or occasion. In our busy day-to-day schedules, we struggle to find time to go to a photography studio to have professional photos taken with our family, friends and loved ones. So we make that part of the process easy, we will bring our mobile photography studio to you and capture and print all your photographs onsite. We can also provide all the digital images in high resolution for you.

When you book our mobile photography studio we will provide professional event photographers using the very latest technology to full effect; this will allow your guests to have their very own high quality photos in their hand within minutes of being taken without delay of postage, packaging or downloading. They will receive a 9×6 photograph in a quality finished mount ready for display.

The Mobile Photography Studio is perfect for any kind of event whenever you want to leave a long-lasting impression on the minds of your guests, which includes:
• PR events – Branded photos make a great souvenir!
• Awards and fundraising galas
• Trade show booths
• Weddings and parties
• Conferences and much more!
• Christmas parties

Adding value is one of our standout features, and we are not afraid to show it forth even when we do mobile photography. It is of keen interest and a pleasing experience for us when clients partake in our service offering via our Mobile Photography Studio, because we know they will be completely blown away, thereby creating a need for them to do business with us over and over again.

Despite our busy schedules, we find time to do mobile photography and take professional photos that will be the admiration of all and sundry.

Our Mobile Photography Studio on-site services:
• High resolution images available in minutes.
• A professional photographer to ensure that all photos come out great.
• On-site photo printing that comes in 9×6” size and presented in a mount”.
• Your company logo/brand can be added to the photos.

There are various options regarding print bundles and payment options for our mobile photography studio:

• You make purchases for your guests/clients when making the booking, all images are prepaid in advance and you will be given vouchers for your guests to have photos taken at the event. Each voucher equals to one 9×6 photo print.
• Prepaid bundle with guests/clients have the option to purchase if all the vouchers finish.
• FREE Mobile Photography Studio if your event has over 250 guests. Your guests/clients have the option to purchase their own prints at the event.

Since the compact and mobile phone cameras and commonly used printers typically use the lower-resolution formats, our professional dye sublimation printers produce higher quality photographs.

You can’t get it better elsewhere! And we will continue to remain relevant in this industry by providing our clients with top-notch services. 

Hop on the bandwagon; we are waiting to take you along.

We are Silver Fox Pictures – a photography company with a difference.

*Space required for the mobile photography studio setup is approx. 20ft x 20ft and two 13amp power supply outlets.

Want to know more about our services to fit your event? Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote: Booking Inquiry

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