Do you want live photos uploaded of your event on your social media in realtime with your #Hashtag on for your audience/clients/sponsors to see what’s happening at your event? We can upload images live* from your event as it happens and share them online to your blog and/or social media sites as required.

Picture this, you are hosting your event, everyone you invited will be there and you want to share with the world how amazing your event is as it happens in real time through photos. Silver Fox Pictures can do this for you no problems! Uploading live photos from you event maybe the best marketing tool in the events industry!

Choose your own a Twitter and Instagram hashtag and we will add this to all your images with your logo to build your own feed of photos.

Use the #Hashtag and show your guests the pictures on your phone that have been posted and straightaway they will login and start following you to see what other photos are been posted and start sharing the ones with them in there with their friends and family.

Not all photos taken at your event will be posted on the day. After the event has ended, we can send you all the images of your event in hi-resolution for you to use as required within 24 hours of the event finishing (sometimes even faster).

This will help increase web traffic to your site and change the way you see your marketing.

*Fast broadband speed required at the venue.

Want to know more about our services to fit your event? Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote: Booking Inquiry